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 Are you exhausted?  Do you dread bedtime?

Have you read all the sleep books but none of them have helped?

If you and your family are ready to get a good night’s sleep but you just can not bear to leave your child alone to cry then I can help by providing gentle and personalized guidance and support. There is no “one size fits all” solution but instead I work to help create a plan that is inclusive of your parenting philosophy, your needs and goals, as well as your child’s temperament. I can work with you to help you explore all your options. Together we can come up with a real solution.

I am a Gentle Sleep Coach trained and certified by Kim West, a.k.a. The Sleep Lady located in Cincinnati, OH.   I work with tired families of children 4 months to 6 years of age to help get everyone the sleep they need and deserve to be happy and healthy.